Conference equipment

To enable multilingual translation services at conferences or major events it is advisable  to conduct the language communication via corresponding conference equipment. Two types of conference equipment are employed in this:

We will be happy to procure an offer for your event from our partners or supply the required addresses. For offers with conference equipment the costs are transferred 1 to 1, meaning that no further mediation fee is incurred.

The simultaneous interpreting equipment takes the form of a cubicle measuring approximately 1.70 x 1.70 m. The equipment should be positioned directly in the room in which the event is taking place. This enables eye contact to be maintained between speaker and interpreter.

The guide systems are small and easily transportable, packed in cases. This makes them ideal for mobile use at event locations where a fixed interpreting cubicle is unsuitable, such as on plant tours and inspections. The disadvantage of these mobile guide systems lies in the fact that no group discussions are possible.

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